Trulli Collection

An ode to the triumph of colors and scents that fill the air on the magnificent Apulian spring days.


An Olfactory Tale

Carola fra i Trulli is a tribute to the Itria Valley, its native flora and the scents that are released in the fields at dusk, when evening falls, the first star appears in the sky and the countryside awakens from the sun of the day.

Authentic Craftsmanship

Inspired by the iconic shape of the Itria Valley trulli, designed by Carola Altamura, handmade in Italy by small skilled artisans reinventing the traditional Apulian dripping technique of "Macchiato" with inovative colors.

A Choice of Sustainability

All Carola fra i Trulli objects are conceived using only natural materials such as ceramic, glass, vegetable wax, raw linen and recycled cardboard in order to help to preserve our so precious environment.