A botanical tale


Carola fra i Trulli is a tribute to the Itria Valley, its native flora and the scents that are released in the fields at dusk, when evening falls, the first star appears in the sky and the countryside awakens from the sun of the day.

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Discover our selection of beautifully crafted, unique gifts for every occasion that won't fail to delight.
Each object is delivered with a handmade gift box in recycled cardboard and raw linen.

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An artistic gesture


Inspired by the iconic shape of the"trullo", the typical architecture of the Itria Valley, each piece is designed by Carola and handmade in Italy by skilled artisans reinventing the traditional "macchiato" with innovative colors.

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About Carola fra i Trulli

Carola Altamura, a Milanese architect and designer with affective roots in Puglia, forms her aesthetics by being deeply inspired by the clean shapes, intense nature and ancestral beauty of that magical land at the far end of Italy.

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  • Trullo Candle Holders

    Entertain in style with our joyful collection of handmade ceramic candle holders. The perfect casket of your summer memories.

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  • Trullo Candlesticks

    Experience the enchanted atmosphere of an Apulian evening with a collection of unique hand-glazed ceramic pieces.

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  • Scented Candles

    Let yourself be carried away on an olfactory journey to discover the native scents of the Apulian countryside and its intense nature.

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