Carola fra i Trulli products are made in Italy using only high quality raw materials from historic Italian manufacturers, all items are designed and handmade with love and respect for nature, people and tradition.

To minimize the impact on the environment, the packaging is essential, made from 100% recycled and recyclable paper from certified sources.

All fragrances are designed and produced in Italy by qualified perfumers, using the highest percentage of natural ingredients and essential oils to ensure a clean and pleasant olfactory experience.

Our fragrances are not tested on animals, contain no GMOs and have no animal components.

We believe that every effort for a kinder and more sustainable world is important, and we will strive to get better and better by gearing each of our products towards ever greater sustainability.

Because we believe that design can and should be sustainable and we are responsible for passing on and transmitting all the beauty that Nature inspires us.