Discover our selection of beautifully crafted, unique gifts for every occasion that won't fail to delight.Each object is delivered with a handmade gift box in recycled cardboard and raw linen.


Experience the enchanted and joyful atmosphere of an Apulian evening under the stars with Candeliere, a collection of unique hand-glazed ceramic candlesticks designed by Carola Altamura reinterpreting the typical conical shape of the 'trullo'.

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Cuscino Grande e Piccolo

Imagine a scenario in which each skilfully crafted cushion becomes a work of art, giving life to a corner of tranquillity and style, evoking memories of sunny days, white lime walls and lingering scents of fig leaves.

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Conceived as a eye-catching centerpiece or decorative object to hang on the wall, Piatto celebrates the joyful Mediterranean joie de vivre through its scenographic and convivial presence.

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Transform every meal into a sensorial and joyful journey. Elevate your table in style with Totem, a pair of hand-glazed ceramic candle holders designed by Carola Altamura and conceived to adorn and enhance cheerful tablecloths.

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The placemats decorate the table with liveliness and harmony, embodying the promise of leading guests through the culture of hospitality, thanks to craftsmanship that now more than ever reflects the new concept of hinted and serene luxury.

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Discover the magic of Trullino, our scented candle with the hand-glazed ceramic candle lid designed by Carola Altamura as olfactory cloche and flame extinguisher.

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Designed by Carola Altamura, Trullo is the brand iconic hand-glazed ceramic candle holder inspired by the iconic shape of the typical Apulian architecture of the Itria Valley.

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Designed by Carola Altamura as a future triumph of hydrangeas and wildflowers, Vaso is a timeless cache-pot conceived to enclose the scents of nature and decorate a corner of the house with carefree lightness, making every moment of the day lighter.

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