Carola fra i Trulli is a tribute to the Itria Valley, its native flora and the scents that are released in the fields at dusk, when evening falls, the first star appears in the sky and the countryside awakens from the sun of the day.


(Citrus Grove)

"Agrumeto" evokes the olfactory tale of a summer walk in a magical and ancient place, with high white walls, sheltered from the wind and in full sun, in the shade of luxuriant and green fronds.

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Bacche di Ginepro

(Juniper Berries)

Inspired by the generous bush with foliage with silver reflections and its black berries. A nocturnal, balsamic fragrance with dry and mineral accents like the limestone rock on which the bush grows luxuriantly caressed by the sea breeze.

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Lavanda e Iris

(Lavender and Iris)

Aromatic fragrance with a timeless charm that combines the flowery notes of lavender with the delicate fougère notes of the iris.

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Foglie di Fico

(Fig Leaves)

Iconic fragrance of the brand, a tribute to the beautiful summer days of a holiday in Puglia. The bright, green and aromatic scent of fig leaves combines with the vibrant notes of its fruits and woody accents creating an elegant fragrance with delicately herbaceous and milky scents.

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(Almond Tree)

Enveloping hints of toasted almond combine with sweet and woody notes creating an edible fragrance dedicated to lovers of this precious fruit rich in magical virtues, a symbol of rebirth and hope.

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Legna di Quercia

(Oak Wood)

Conceived as a tribute to the great oaks of the Valle d'Itria under whose protective fronds the flocks shelter. Scent of resin, wood and embers blend together giving life to a meditative and enveloping fragrance.

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A hymn to the fruit of abundance, a symbol of luck and fertility, which ripens at the beginning of winter with its juicy and crystalline ruby-colored grains.

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Rosa di Macchia

(Blotch Rose)

Ode to the wild rose which, with its gentle strength, climbs and thrives on the dry stone walls and olive trees of the Mediterranean scrub.

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