About Carola

Carola Altamura, a Milanese architect and designer with affective roots in Puglia, forms her aesthetics by being deeply inspired by the clean shapes, intense nature and ancestral beauty of that magical land at the far end of Italy. Passionate of nature and art, painter of botanical watercolor, after classical studies Carola graduated from the Milan Polytechnic in urban composition.

She worked for years at prestigious architecture and design  Milanese firms till, she decided to change course and follow her dreams and do what she had always wanted to. In 2015, Carola combined her know-how and passion for interiors and hospitality by renovating her family's trulli in the green hills of Ostuni in Apulia into a charming retreat for discerning travelers, Trulli La Pietraia, which soon became her and many others' place of the heart.

Inspired by this heavenly place, by the serene magical shape of the trulli and their ancestral connection to the sky and the stars, Carola launch Carola fra i Trulli in 2021: a collection of unique olfactory objects and luxury homewares with an intense soul inspired by this magical land, able of conveying joy through colour, texture and shapes, associated with eight fascinating fragrances, expressing a sense of naïve and refined style.

Carola fra i Trulli is the poetic tale of her childhood memories: a simple and elegant homage to the happy summers spent in Apulia, with her beloved grandmother, a passionate botanist who passed on to her a great love of nature and life, in the beautiful garden of her summer house, full of flowers and scents, spending time playing perfume with jasmine and painting watercolors in the vegetable garden. 
A story of love, time and respect for people and nature, a hymn to the joy of living and an invitation to rediscover our deepest memories through a synaesthetic connection between smell and sight. 

Finally, Carola fra I Trulli is a tribute to a luminous and inspiring woman for Carola, her grandmother Ines, who taught her that if you truly believe in your dreams and are grateful for all the beauty and love that fills or lives, magic will happen.

Dedicated to all those who have taken us by hand with love in life.