The Fragrance

Inspired by the generous bush with foliage with silver reflections and its black berries. A nocturnal, balsamic fragrance with dry and mineral accents like the limestone rock on which the bush grows luxuriantly caressed by the sea breeze.

A tribute to the magical moment of nightfall, when the silhouettes of the trees stand out in the sky and the first star appears.


Fig, Eucalyptus

Laurel, Juniper

Silver Fir

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Carola fra i Trulli's olfactory objects are exclusively designed by Carola and entirely made in Italy by small and skilled artisans using heritage techniques with a new design.

Collections of objects with timeless, elegant and spontaneous aesthetics, which enclose a deep emotional olfactory soul, inspired by the intense colours of the generous Apulian nature and her childhood memories.Just as in his watercolours, the colours of flowers, leaves and the sea, bathed in the joyful Mediterranean light, are interpreted through eight vibrant colours, each combined with a fragrance that evokes a natural scenery, in a fascinating synaesthetic relationship between sight and smell.

The Apulian 'macchiato', at first elected as the brand's stylistic emblem for its cheerful spontaneity, here dissolves and transforms: thus the artistic craftsmanship brushstrokes now become flower petals and now leaves, lightly dancing  in the wind, evoking cheerful memories of times near and far, in a constant and delicate balance between dream and reality.

"Bacche di Ginepro" Products