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Bacche di Ginepro

Bacche di Ginepro

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Inspired by the generous bush with foliage of silver reflections and its black berries that are collected in rustic wicker baskets when in autumn the air becomes cooler.

“Bacche di Ginepro” is a nocturnal, balsamic fragrance, with dry and mineral accents like the limestone on which it grows luxuriantly. Tribute to the magical moment of nightfall, when the silhouettes of the trees stand out in the clear sky and the first star appears.

Reed diffuser with Celeste and Blue ceramic ring
Fragrance Bacche di Ginepro (Juniper Berries)

Not tested on animals
No animal components
No GMO components

Made in Italy

Duration 6 weeks
Duration may vary depending on the size of the room where the room diffuser is located, the room temperature, the exposure of the diffuser to direct sunlight, and draughts, which increase the evaporation of the fragrance
Packaging made of recycled cardboard from certified sources and fully biodegradable after use

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