Collection: Trullo Candle Lids


Enrich your scented candles with the colourful ceramic lids designed by Carola as olfactory cloche and flame extinguisher.

The small ceramic trullo lid is an olfactory cloche in which to fully experience the precious botanical fragrance for an exclusive olfactory experience.
Ceramic flame extinguisher: gently extinguish just by placing the ceramic lid on the candle.
Each candle is hand poured in soy wax and cotton wick by a historic Italian candle factory with respect for nature and tradition.

The fragrance of this candle is a blend of natural and synthetic raw materials, to ensure an extremely pleasant and safe olfactory experience.

Once finished, the candle can be refilled with the same fragrance or with a new fragrance of your choice from the Fragrance Collection.

To minimise the impact on the environment, the packages are made of 100% recycled and recyclable FSC paper and no non-essential materials are used.

Each piece of Carola fra i Trulli is unique, given its handcrafted nature, any small discrepancies are to be considered proof of authenticity and not a defect.

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